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Here at LWH we have a fondness for the fun and the unusual, so when something a little out of the ordinary comes our way, we do our best to chase after it and get to know it a little better. As you’re no doubt aware by now, we’re quite taken with all things stationery-related: pretty prints, gorgeous fonts, and tactile textures capture our attention as easily as a plate full of chocolate truffles (fortunately, stationery is rather better for the arteries).

In our travels about the traps we’ve come across some fabulous takes on wedding stationery. Letterpress, calligraphy, hand-made paper, you name it, we’ve greedily coveted it. But Bri of Rotated Designs has an utterly singular approach to wedding invites, and it’s one that we can’t help but think is just a wee bit genius in nature. Bri’s designs are the stuff of your childhood origami dreams: they comprise two separate overlapping circles of paper that, when rotated, display all those wedding invite essentials. We took Bri aside to chat with her about her fabulous designs–and how she came up with the idea.



Setting the wheels in motion

The idea for Rotated Designs, it turns out, came about due to Bri’s struggles to find a wedding invitation that reflected her fun and creative outlook. Alas, despite hours of scouring the internet and chatting to her local vendors, she found there was nothing out there with the feel she was going for. “None of them looked like me,” she reflects.  When we ask her about the “samey-same” approach of some of the more generic stationery out there, she tells us that many brides simply go with what’s been done before, and the result is a sea of similar stationery. “Brides just don’t stop to question it,” she says.

But Bri isn’t the kind of person to leave a challenge unmet, so rather than opting for a set of wedding invitations that were adequate but not quite right, she decided to take things into her own hands. Her goal? To come up with a solution that was unlike anything else already out there. “I wanted something formal but not stuffy,” she says. And so her rotated designs were born.



One good turn

Bri’s designs are delightfully interactive, and are infinitely customisable. Each invitation consists of two sheets of circular paper with a central hinge. The top sheet contains a cut-out window that displays the details of a wedding or event, which are printed on the sheet below. By rotating this top sheet, different types of information–venue details, time and date details, or even fun cartoons of the lucky couple–can be displayed.

Bri knows that her clients are like-minded individuals, and works closely with each client to ensure that they end up with a design that reflects their personality to a T. “The people that use my invitations are self-confident, creative, and fun,” she says. They’re the type that don’t necessarily kowtow to tradition, and according to Bri, aren’t afraid to think outside the box. “No pun intended!” she adds.

She loves that her designs become a talking point between the couples with whom she works. ”I think it’s fun that my invitations are something that both the bride and groom get excited about. I don’t think it’s very common for boys to get giddy over stationery!” she says.



The stationery cycle

While Bri’s designs can be customised to your heart’s content, she does have a few tips for those looking to ensure that their invitations have recipients in a spin (now it’s our turn to apologise for the pun). Unusually shaped envelopes may incur extra charges with the postie, so it’s a good idea to keep this in mind when having your invitations designed. Bri also recommends asking your local post office to avoid marring the envelopes with ink-based “postage paid” stamps.

In terms of design, Bri suggests taking some time to consider contrast and legibility. “The colours on my designs generally work best when there is a light and dark colour,” she says. Simple, clear, and well-sized fonts help matters, too.


Rounding things out

Since it’s becoming our habit to ask the talented folk with whom we cross paths for their own perspectives on love and marriage, we couldn’t help but ask Bri for a few pearls of wisdom. Fortunately, she’s happy to oblige. “Relax and have a good time,” is the advice she has for couples. “Don’t stress over the little things. Always remember that at the end of the day, you got to marry the love of your life, and that’s more important than anything else.

And weddings? Bri’s individualistic streak presents itself in her response: “A wedding should be exactly what you want it to be, rather than simply what tradition mandates,” she says.

If you love Bri’s designs as much as we do, be sure to pop by her website to say hello–and don’t forget to say that we sent you! And if you didn’t catch Bri’s recent DIY post on LWH, be sure to check it out. It involves DIY and chocolate in equal proportions–a must-read, you’ll agree.

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