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We’ve had our eye on Sydney-based design team Orchard & Brown ever since coming across their whimsical “perfect match” wedding favours, and we think it’s safe to say that this boutique studio never fails to come up with a fun and eye-catching take on wedding stationery. One area in particular where Orchard & Brown always come through is in ensuring that guests are shown plenty of appreciation–and what better way to do so than by putting together personalised name tags for friends and loved ones? Today on LWH we’re delighted to feature an exclusive Name Tag DIY courtesy of these talented designers.

DIY Name Tags
By Orchard & Brown

What you need:

1. Patterned Paper
2. Plain Card
3. Matching Ribbon
4. Ruler
5. Cutting Knife
6. Marker
7. Glue
8. Pinking Shears

Let’s get started:

Use the ruler to measure out a 4 x 4cm Square on the plain card and a 5 x 5cm square on the patterned Paper. Using the pinking shears cut out each of the squares.

Glue the plain card to the centre of the patterned card and slice a section big enough to fit your ribbon in either side of the plain card square. Using the marker write your guest’s name on the plain card.

Thread through the matching ribbon and your name tag is ready!

Not only can you use you name tag for a gift box but you can also use it as a place card by wrapping it around your napkins.

Experiment with different colours and textured paper that match your theme.

Contact Orchard & Brown

The talented team at Orchard & Brown can be found online at Orchard&Brown.com.au. They’re also active on Facebook and Twitter, so friend them up and say hello!

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