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Wedding favours or bomboniere have come a long way since sugared almonds, and couples who opt to include them in their wedding are going all out with memorable little keepsakes: quaint salt and pepper shakers, key-rings and other bling, and personalised chopsticks are just a few that we’ve come across of late. But it’s hard to go wrong with an edible treat–particularly when the treat in question is gingerbread, that fragrant, nostalgic ruler of cookiedom. Today on LWH Janet and Michelle of Gingerbread Corner share with us some of the treats from their collection and give us some tips about the types of themed weddings for which they’d be the perfect fit.

Gingerbread Corner

Gingerbread Corner, established in December 2010 by sisters Janet and Michelle, specialises in homemade gingerbread cookies that can be tailored to suit any aesthetic, making them an appealing pick for wedding favours that will win the favour of your guests. The busy duo is also mindful of their clients’ dietary needs: in addition to offering traditional spiced cookies infused with ginger and honey, they offer gluten-free vanilla-flavoured alternatives.

“Gone are the days of simple round sugar cookies,” note Janet and Michelle. “Today’s cookies are little pieces of art that can be customised to suit almost any wedding theme.  Edible wedding favours are a popular and affordable option.”

Although we scarcely need an excuse to incorporate gingerbread into a wedding, Janet and Michelle were kind enough to provide us with some tips for making the most your cookies by ensuring that they’re tailored to your wedding theme–or better yet, that your wedding theme is tailored to suit your cookies!

Vintage theme

Vintage equals romance. Just think mid-century movies like Casablanca, Roman Holiday and Breakfast at Tiffany’s with their beautiful costumes, elegant mood and glamorous styling.

To add some flair to a vintage-themed wedding Janet and Michelle recommend that you:

* Source old lace and fabrics from which to make or adorn your wedding dress

* Look for antique jewellery at your local op-shop or from a relative

* Opt for old-fashioned florals such as hydrangeas, forget-me-nots or tea roses

* Mix and match vintage crockery for use as centrepieces or as part of a table setting

And for vintage-inspired gingerbread favours, it’s impossible to go past his-and-her cookies decorated in nostalgic style. Dress up your Ms Gingerbread in a piped white dress, and have Mr Gingerbread looking dapper in black trousers and suspenders.

Carnival or circus theme

Fun-loving couples are often happy to bend over backwards to make their wedding one that’s memorable. If you’re after a theme that’s all about getting involved, and having a hoot while you’re at it, why not consider styling your wedding in the vein of a carnival or circus?  Here are some ideas from Janet and Michelle to perfect that look:

* Opt for a colour scheme that incorporates creams, reds and blues

* Think big with a Big Top-style tent or marquee, and get creative with bunting, balloons and streamers

* Include circus-style “admit one” tickets with your invitations

* For a fun photo op, hang a circus-inspired banner over the entrance to your event or hire a photo booth

The gingerbread favours of choice for your circus-themed wedding? Red clown cars, of course. And to drive the point home, opt to have “just married” piped over them–it’ll be a tastier option than shaving cream!

Seasonal theme

The changing seasons bring with them myriad opportunities to theme your wedding accordingly: think vibrant summery hues, crisp winter tones, and rich autumnal shades.

* If you’re hosting a wedding in autumn, serve your gingerbread cookies with your after-dinner coffee and tea. The spices and honey used in the cookies make them the perfect warming accompaniment.

* Turn the chilly winter days into a winter wonderland-themed event by incorporating soft blues and whites into your favours or by opting for snowflake- or snowman-shaped cookies packaged in clear cellophane bags and tied with a pale blue bow.

* If your celebrations are set for spring or summer, go wild with those vivid seasonal blooms–and continue the theme by incorporating floral designs into your gingerbread favours.

* For a summery beach wedding, consider beach-themed cookies that incorporate motifs such as bathing suits, starfish and more. If the weather’s likely to be inclement, your guests might appreciate a mini cookie umbrella.

Personalise it

One of the draws of gingerbread cookie favours is that they’re almost infinitely customisable in terms of shape, icing, and packaging. Consider:

* Personalising your edible wedding bomboniere with a quote or the details of your day

* Packaging your cookies in decorative bags, packages, or paper boxes, and adorning them with notes or cards

* Opting for gift jars filled with an assortment of cookies in a variety of shapes such as hearts and Xs and Os

* Having your cookies decorated to suit your wedding garb–think saris, kilts and more!

* Making your cookies do double time by using them as place cards. Have your guests’ names or nicknames piped on a large gingerbread man or woman and place them over the appropriate table setting

Too good to eat?

One common refrain this busy duo hears is that their cookies look too good to eat. Fortunately, their cookies stay fresh for up to a month, allowing you to gaze wistfully at yours before giving in to the demands of your tastebuds.

“In order to keep them moist and soft, couples should keep them in either sealed transparent bags or air tight containers,” note Janet and Michelle. “Unlike other edible favours, your guests can take these away and save them for a later date.”

Contact Gingerbread Corner

Gingerbread Corner can be found online at their website GingerbreadCorner.com; you can also stop by their blog, or visit their Facebook page–and don’t forget to say that we sent you!

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