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Most brides-to-be, if not all, devote their wedding planning time to finding the dress. Haven’t we heard tales from women whose quest for one perfect wedding dress have been less than pleasant?

Imagine, then, what the experience would be if you were to wear not one, not two, but five dresses during your wedding.

Little Wed Hen stumbled upon photographer Christophe Viseux’s coverage of this Moroccan wedding where the bride did just that–change dresses five times.

They say every bride becomes a princess on her wedding day. In Morocco it seems that a bride gets to be a queen, too.

Destination wedding photographer Christophe says, “Ijlal and Pierre’s wedding took place in Rabat, the capital city of Morocco, where most of Ijlal’s family lives. The traditional celebration started with the henna ritual at her grandma’s house followed by the gala-like reception in the impressive Royal Palace Tazi in the center of Rabat.”

“Ijlal changed dresses five times, wearing traditional kaftans and the more elaborated ‘headdress’, and Pierre also made an appearance in the traditional djillaba. The evening was all about singing, beating drums, dancing and eating. Food was abundant and delicious, and included dishes such as pastilla and tajines,” Christophe recounts.

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Based in Paris, Christophe Viseux specialises in multicultural and destination wedding coverages. Visit his multicultural and destination wedding  website or send him an email: photo@christophephoto.com.


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