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Australian summers are exquisite in their distinctness: there’s the inescapable dry heat, the faded palette of the native grasses and flora, and of course the light that stretches out the days to a magnificent degree. Beneath summer’s lens, everything is golden, bronzed, or a blanched green–and it’s this aesthetic exactly that sisters Jacqui and Renee of Brown Betty’s Bakery, who have previously brought us a vintage-inspired dessert table and a sugar-loaded wedding buffet table, aimed to capture in this gorgeous shoot.

“Our inspiration was an ‘Aussie’ Christmas dessert table,” Jacqui tells us.  ”We used an olive green, gold and ivory colour scheme, which we thought would be beautiful for a Christmas-time wedding in Australia.”

“Our menu consisted of the following: gold macarons, fig & muscat brownies…”

“…steamed Christmas pudding, lemon brûlée tartlets…”

“…mini baklava cheesecakes, toasted marshmallow frosting for the cake…”

“…and cake pops, kourabiethes, and apple and cherry pies.”


Styling and baking by Brown Betty’s Bakery

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Photos by  Caroline Fogg of Mihaja Photography

Visit Mihaja Photography’s website to view their portfolio or add them on Facebook. See also our 2-part feature with Caroline here and here.

Bouquets by Skeleton Leaf

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Hanging decorations and food labels by Paper Dolls – the lost art

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