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A quick google for anything wedding-related reveals a plethora of inspiration boards, dizzyingly expensive must-buys and shiver-inducing bridal existentialism. Just last week we were moved to newsletter-based rants due to a few particularly questionable articles and posts, and it turns out that we’re not alone. Today we feature a guest post from reader Jenna Z, whose forays into the wedding magazine world inspired her to reflect on what a wedding should–and should not–be.


10 things a wedding is not about


Words by Jenna Z

Like many girls, I had a lot of ideas about the kind of wedding I’d have, even before I got engaged. But not the ideas you might expect. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Disney, fairy tales, love stories and princesses–but I did not want a big, extravagant, expensive, over-the-top wedding. You see, I believed weddings are about getting married, not just having a wedding.

Then I got engaged, and all of a sudden I actually had a wedding to plan. And as I flicked through magazines and blogs, I was bombarded by possibilities. Throw in some family drama, and my resolution to have a low-key, stress-free affair was quickly falling by the wayside. I got so overwhelmed I stopped planning all together. I set a date in the distance and decided I wouldn’t think about the wedding “for now”. Time passed and before I knew it, I had six months to go and almost nothing booked. So, as I dive into preparations once again–with decidedly less time than I had to start with–I’ve made a couple of lists to keep things in perspective:


10 things weddings are NOT about:


Showing off.


Going into debt.



Death (ahem).

Your great aunt’s second cousin who you haven’t seen since you were two.

The family feud that makes Tony Abbott and Julia Gillard look like BFFs.

The bride alone.

The wedding.

10 things weddings ARE about:


Expressing the love between you and your partner.

The things that are special to you as a couple.

Starting your married life together.



Life. Love. Lifelong love.

The people who are important to you and care about you both.

Celebrating family (new and old).

The bride AND groom.

A marriage.


What do weddings mean to you?

(Photo credit: Startraks photo/Rex Features from dailymail.co.uk)

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