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If you eschew sharp lines and austere tones in favour of the soft and the subtle, then look no further than these felt hanging ornaments by blogger Andrea of  Strawberry Chic. With their gentle, flowing edges, these handcrafted ornaments are a simple way to add a touch of the rustic to an outdoor setting. And because they’re so unassuming, they can do double-time as a Christmas or seasonal decoration.

DIY Organic Felt Ornaments

Text and photos by Andrea

What you need

- Felt (I used a sandstone color)
- Small fabric scissors
- Crafter’s foam balls, 2″ diameter
- Ribbon, 1/8″  (I used a cream color)
- Hot glue gun


Cut a 12″ long piece of ribbon. This will be used for the “hanging” string of your ball. Look for a small hole near the seams of your foam ball and insert the ribbon ends inside this hole so that a loop is formed. If there is no existing hole, you may need to create one using a skewer or other narrow-tipped implement. Fill the hole with hot glue, securing the ribbons in place.

Cut the felt into small circles of approximately 2″ in diameter. You will need about 30 circles to cover one ball. It sounds like a lot, but once you get into the swing of it, they are fairly quick and easy to cut. (Note that you may need fewer circles if you are working with a smaller foam ball).

Cut the circles in half.

 Take one of the half circles and hold it so the curved edge is facing down. Then fold the right corner down, place a dab of hot glue in the centre of the fold, and then fold the left side over the top.

Now place your finger inside of the opening so it looks like a little finger hat! This will help flare out the edges of the shape. Note that the larger the flare the fewer circles that will need to be used to cover the foam ball.

Repeat the above step for all of the half circles. When you have completed gluing the circles, cut off the bottom tips.

Using your glue gun hot attach the felt shapes to your foam ball. Ensure that the large side is facing up. If you have a low temperature glue gun you can work a little more quickly by gluing a large area and then adding multiple pieces at a time. Note that if the glue is too hot it will melt the foam.

Glue the pieces next to each other and work your way around. Attaching the pieces in a consistent pattern will prevent awkward gaps from occurring.

For some extra decoration, you can add a little embellishment, such as a lace bow or beads, to your ribbon loop. Here are a few options I tried out:

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Andrea is a full-time mum and blogger with a passion for interior design, art, crafts, and good food. Visit her blog for more DIY projects.

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