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“Everything was put into perspective when we found out about the baby. It made us realise what was important and that it wasn’t about a big fancy wedding. It’s about the commitment to one another.”

Our featured couple, Paige and Luke, candidly share their wedding goal: to wed before the baby was born.

“The original plan was to get married in Bali in February 2012. We found out we were expecting another baby, so we changed the entire wedding to Geelong and before the baby came. It wasn’t easy, but we did it!” said Paige and Luke.

The cherry on top of the cake

“We believe that getting married was just icing on the cake of our amazing life that we already had together. The baby on the way, which we didn’t know about yet, was the cherry on top!”

Baby bumps and road bumps

“The main challenge was trying to please everybody,” the couple said, with Paige adding, “It was really hard trying to do everything our way without having outside influences sway decision making. If we had to do it again, I think that a wedding planner would have been great!”

The challenges during the time, however, gave the couple an opportunity to learn from each other.

“We got a lot closer as a couple, learning what each other’s strengths and weaknesses were and using them to the best of our ability.”

While Paige is great with the planning process, Luke is great with the practical side of things. “We worked well as a team.”

A personalised and meaningful ceremony

Paige and Luke’s ceremony took place at a venue very close to the Luke’s family’s heart.

“We chose the church we did because Paige’s grandparents and parents had both been married there, as well as having had our two-year-old son Hunter baptised there. There was no other venue that meant as much as Sts. Peter & Paul’s and it definitely did not disappoint,” Luke said. “Maybe one day Hunter or the next child will get married there.”

In terms of the actual ceremony, it was important for Paige and Luke to have their son Hunter be involved in the wedding.

“It was a running joke that Paige’s boy would be the page boy. It was lovely and at almost two years old, he did the best he could without getting distracted by the amount of people staring at him. He was gorgeous!” the couple enthused.

Chasing dreams together

Aside from their growing family, Paige and Luke believe that their shared dreams and goals in life are what make their relationship stronger.

“We are so alike, but so different at the same time! We constantly have the same thoughts and say to each other ‘Get out of my head!’ We have the same goals in life and we aren’t afraid to chase those dreams. We make each other laugh, we make mistakes like everybody else, but we get over it and move on. We just love each other so much and couldn’t imagine living our lives with anybody else!”


Photography by Stephanie Newbold. Check out her website to view her online portfolio. Contact her through her email: stephanienewboldphotography@hotmail.com.

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