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Little Wed Hen doesn’t subscribe to the old saws about what weddings (or marriages) should be. Our site is free of expectations, free of “shoulds”, and free of “must-haves”.

What you will find here is plenty of stuff to help you plan the wedding that you, not your mother-in-law, have always wanted…and plenty of extras designed to get you thinking a little bit more deeply about this whole life-changing shebang.

Our site is all about providing couples with the insight and information that they need while planning a wedding–and a marriage–but with a focus on the human side of things. While there’re plenty of pretty pictures and wedding inspiration on our pages, you’ll also find interviews, tips, and all the support you need for planning a wedding that’s memorable, meaningful, and all-round enjoyable.

At Little Wed Hen we’re not wedding professionals. We’re coming at the wedding planning process from the same place as most couples, meaning that we’re going to work through exactly the same questions, issues, and learning experiences as your average soon-to-be-weds.

We’re curious. We’re nosy. We’re those annoying kids who always ask “but why?” Think of us as the Fox Mulder of weddings: we know the truth is out there, so we plan to question everything.

Little Wed Hen is a site for couples, for vendors, and for anyone else who wants a refreshing take on all things love, weddings, and marriage. We do things our way, and we hope that you will, too!

Meet the crew:

Editor: Stephanie Campisi

Stephanie is a Melbourne-based freelance writer and editor. She’s easily plied with chocolates, and has a soft spot for anything bookish. She receives many, many emails a day, so do bear with her. She’s engaged to the lucky fellow below.

Tech Guy: Jono Chang

Jono is a tech guru and director of Silverpond studios. Jono wears Little Wed Hen’s business hat, and also those weird five-toed shoes that elicit odd glances from passers-by. He’s engaged to the lucky lass above.



Editorial Assistant: Mina Erandio

Mina is Little Wed Hen’s amazing editorial assistant. To-do piles buckle in her presence and teetering stacks of correspondence are dealt with in superb style.


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